Modern Living Starts With a Luxury Kitchen

Partner with an expert remodeling contractor in Corryton & Knoxville, TN

It's hard to enjoy an outdated home and even harder to cook in an outdated kitchen. Renovating your kitchen can give you a space that you love coming home to. Get rid of your boring wallpaper and cookie-cutter cabinets in exchange for luxury kitchen features.

Taylor Construction in Corryton & Knoxville, TN can help transform your kitchen into a more stylish and functional space. You'll work with our custom remodeling contractor every step of the way, so you'll get the modern kitchen you've always wanted.

Kitchen Remodels

Enjoy a better cooking space with custom kitchen remodeling services.

Kitchen Remodels

Deck Builds

Our custom deck builder can create your ideal outdoor living area.

Deck Builds

Garage Builds

Get a beautiful attached garage with professional garage building services.

Garage Builds


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Turning passion into results

Taylor Construction has been a trusted and affordable remodeling contractor in Corryton & Knoxville, TN for over 20 years. Family owned and operated, we're dedicated to providing you with:

Quality craftsmanship
You'll never have to second-guess the integrity of our work.
Built-to-order designs
Everything is custom-made to fit your home perfectly.
Sustainable materials
Get granite countertops and solid-wood cabinets or decks.

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What is your home missing?

Inside and out, your home should meet your needs for functional and comfortable living. When you're looking to remodel or add on to your home, look no further than Taylor Construction. Our custom home remodeling services include:


You can get an open and bright space for cooking and entertaining.


A custom-built wooden deck can offer you more functional living space.


Give your car a safe place to park with an attached multi-car garage.

Speak with our expert remodeling contractor today to get started on your home transformation.